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I haven't posted on this for a long, long time. So what have I been up to? I work a lot at the 9'r. Monday night, Tuesday day, Wednesday day, Thursday night, and Saturday night. Come see me, it's fun. Had a Hootenanny on Saturday that was packed. Have lots of other good shows coming up...
9/5 - Super Colliders, Bent Left, the Incredible Heat Machine
9/12 - The Rainman Suite, Bandit Sound
9/19 - Rock Paper Dynamite, Moses Prey
9/26 - Spartan Apartments
10/3 - Cloven Path
10/31 - The Mercurys, Vago

Had Lauren in town from Philadelphia for an awesome week. Did all the obligatory first time in Omaha stuff plus saw MDC Sunday night and just generally had the best time ever. Otherwise life's just been pretty quiet. Some pretty awesome shows coming up other than the 9'r stuff. Os Mutantes 9/24 at the Waiting Room. Do it, it will be awesome.
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