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majisto's Journal

29 January 1985
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alton ellis, amazing crowns, anti-heros, ben sherman, beres hammond, bourbon, council bluffs, counter-strike, cursive, curtis mayfield, dancehall, david hillyard rocksteady 7, derrick morgan, dick dale, dr. ring-ding, dub, edwin starr, elvis costello, fred perry, fun boy three, grease, groovie ghoulies, guinness, hepcat, iowa, jackie mittoo, jackie opel, jackie wilson, jimmy skaffa, joe jackson, k2r riddim, ken boothe, king django, lee "scratch" perry, legendary shack shakers, libertarianism, littering, lonsdale, lord kitchener, manhattans, martha reeves, marvin gaye, mass hysteria, mod, motown, murphy's irish stout, music, neva dinova, new york ska-jazz ensemble, northern soul, omaha, otis redding, pie specials, prince buster, punk, rancid, red stripe, reggae, roarbot, rockabilly, rocksteady, roy paci & aretuska, rude boys, rude girls, sam cooke, scooters, scotch, shows, ska, skavoovie & the epitones, skinhead reggae, skinheads, skrewdriver, soul, steady ups, stingers atx, strangers with candy, stubborn all-stars, stubborn allstars, stubborn records, symarip, terry hall, text message letters, the aggrolites, the big o, the bluebeats, the cog factory, the colourfield, the cuterthans, the dears, the four tops, the gadjits, the hippy boys, the inciters, the jam, the marvelettes, the nods, the paragons, the pietasters, the selecter, the skandalous all-stars, the skatalites, the slackers, the slickers, the speakeasies, the specials, the stingers atx, the stubborn all-stars, the supremes, the temptations, the toasters, the tossers, the vandellas, the white stripes, the zombies, the zvooks, thrift stores, toots & the maytals, traditional ska, trojan records, vespa, vespas, vic ruggiero, victor rice, wesley willis, west side story, westbound train, whiskey, working class, wynder k. frog