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e-rock's Journal

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13th April 2011

11:43am: I will always appreciate LJ for allowing long updates. Facebook is stupid about that. Twitter is worse. You can't fit a whole lot into 150 characters.

Ironically, I don't have much to update here and have no need for a lot of space.

6th November 2010

5:54pm: livejournal

26th January 2010

5:47am: hey livejournal
sometimes i forget you exist

31st August 2009

6:04pm: things
I haven't posted on this for a long, long time. So what have I been up to? I work a lot at the 9'r. Monday night, Tuesday day, Wednesday day, Thursday night, and Saturday night. Come see me, it's fun. Had a Hootenanny on Saturday that was packed. Have lots of other good shows coming up...
9/5 - Super Colliders, Bent Left, the Incredible Heat Machine
9/12 - The Rainman Suite, Bandit Sound
9/19 - Rock Paper Dynamite, Moses Prey
9/26 - Spartan Apartments
10/3 - Cloven Path
10/31 - The Mercurys, Vago

Had Lauren in town from Philadelphia for an awesome week. Did all the obligatory first time in Omaha stuff plus saw MDC Sunday night and just generally had the best time ever. Otherwise life's just been pretty quiet. Some pretty awesome shows coming up other than the 9'r stuff. Os Mutantes 9/24 at the Waiting Room. Do it, it will be awesome.

10th June 2009

3:38pm: does anyone have any sort of promotional codes for signing up for new internet service w/ cox? i'm going to bite the bullet and get net at home since I'm still going to be out of work a bit longer and dont want to go crazy watching public television or one of the 4 networks. i'm trying to get some sort of deal out of this rather than pay full price.

9th June 2009

4:15pm: Am I the only one who thinks Andrea Rich is totally hot? (brown haired weather girl from wowt)

23rd May 2009

4:52am: I'm pretty much still net-less. I might actually pay for Cox pretty soon. Until I do so, you can find me working at the 9'r 3-8 Tuesday and Wednesday and 8-Close Thursdays and a few other random shifts or just ring mi cellie at fourzerotwo sevenzerosix nineeightfoureight.

4th April 2009

8:23pm: Internetz
No nets at home anymore. The neighbor I was 'borrowing' from disappeared and can't find another unsecured network. Find me at the 9'r when I'm working or call me. 7069848.

10th March 2009

3:23am: it's like getting a van halen t-shirt for your birthday
what's new with you guys?

7th March 2009

2:50pm: /em sadface

only two more episodes of battlestar galactica left

jamie bamber(apollo/lee adama) already has a new show- the brand new law & order UK edition. the first episode's out there in torrent land, it's...law and order. you get to hear him without that american accent he put on for bsg. i don't think there's ever too much law and order.

5th March 2009

3:23pm: holy shit
it's 70 and sunny outside

3rd February 2009

7:49pm: Has anyone else seen this Homeland Security show on ABC? This is pure propaganda trash probably backdoor created by the federal gov't. Seriously, it's one big string of reminders of why I hate our government and its lackeys who justify their actions by the status of the law, ignoring logic or any sense of morality.

I suppose I should mention I support total open immigration for anyone without a serious criminal record or communicable disease, and the 100% total decriminalization of any substance currently classified as a 'narcotic'. Get rid of those and you pretty much get rid of the premise of this show.

I can post this now that Obama's president and everything's changed. Yay! New, efficient government that doesn't spy on its citizens. Oh wait, they're still spying and only spending more.

2nd February 2009

5:09pm: You know what today is, everyone?
New Heroes day! Unfortunately new President Lt. Commander Worf won't be appearing on tonight's episode.

31st January 2009

4:49am: Firefly
I know I missed the boat by a way on this one, but this series is awesome. About halfway through and might just not go to bed tonight and watch it all.

"You didn't have to wound that man."
"Yeah, I know, it was just funny."

29th January 2009

5:50pm: p.s.
9r at 9
5:42pm: happy birthday oprah
and me

26th January 2009

5:31pm: My birfday
My birthday's on Thursday, folk will be gathering at ye olde forty niner lounge around 9. Stop by and drink away a sick day on Friday.
Current Mood: touched

18th January 2009

9:44am: Anyone want to get breakfast? I was thinking Cecil's but I'm open to options. I've got a craving for something good and greasy to refuel after the battle my body had with Citron last night.

17th January 2009

5:12pm: when I saw the group title, this is so not what I was expecting


21st December 2008

8:33am: lol @ today's weather

16th December 2008

3:18am: hahaha heroes
president worf

15th December 2008

9:45am: I need to get stuff done today
but it is goddamn cold out

8th December 2008

10:44pm: I think it's funny that the first sign of the Obama fantasy land thing that has gone on for a lot of his supporters is experiencing its first signs of degrading- and how? Cause he smokes. The guy smokes, big fuckin' deal. So does over a quarter of the country. That means if they were mutually exclusive groups, there would be more smokers in the US than blacks or hispanics. I think we're all well past the point where anyone think's it's good for you, but a lot of people enjoy it despite health risks and treating a quarter of the population like second class citizens is stupid.

5th December 2008

5:50pm: I'll be slangin' drinks at the 9r tonight, come in and have one. No band.
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